Hot New Top. It really depend on the lecturer. Hi, 3rd year student here. unimelb. (Obviously for a given cohort the actual minimum might be and usually is higher, that's just the minimum to even apply). A good one for science students doing biology is Genetics, Health and Society which is relatively straight forward for people having done biology. I'm doing a B.A. Please note, this is intended for future students, alumni and members of the public. Current students should submit an enquiry using their student login. As someone who hasn’t done any Accounting in high school, it wasn’t difficult to grasp the content in this subject, though consistent practice was still required. I don't know if they even can, right now. You say you're an average/below average student. This was a really interesting subject to do as breadth. Clearly on the same wifi. Tutors and lectures worked very hard during the transition but its an unfortunate circumstance. Hopefully, this gets pinned but if it doesn't just search transfers in unimelb Reddit and this post should come up. Today at 3:3 If you've maintained a 75+ WAM into 3rd year, having done level 3 subjects, I'd say that's very good indeed. If they didn't make exams more difficult, then it would make collusion even easier. Create an account so you can submit an enquiry to the University. I guess people find it confrontational to explicitly compare, or perhaps they are projecting their own judgmental attitude. If you have anything to do with the University of Melbourne and want to post … Press J to jump to the feed. I can tell you anecdotally that people seem to consider 85+ for an Arts essay to be 'very very good. The standalone number really does feel rather meaningless. As an aside, I find the whole secretive culture regarding marks to be a bit silly. I've no data to back that up though. Search for more papers by this author. UniMelb Love Letters. As you say, there is an aversion to openly discussing results, so it's hard to gauge a consensus across the faculty or the uni. of Melbourne... EVSC20007. Well my first thoughts are that lectures at Unimelb will certainly be more difficult than other universities. I took Arts subjects for breadth and it was my finding that as I had relatively strong language skills compared to most (due to a great English teacher in high school) it was pretty easy to get an 80 overall. It’s more the fact that the harder exams incentivise cheating and collusion amongst the top students. It's not like this because they want it to be this way, it's like this because nobody has a choice. Current Student FAQs; Ask Us; Staff information; Create an Account. So now, I prefer to stick to written exam subjects for breadth. For the past ~2.5years, I've had the mentality that getting an H2A for a subject is something unthinkable and that I should be striving for to get H1s for all my subjects throughout the 3 years to maximise my chances for post grad admissions. Facebook. Explore our range of trusted accommodation options, available exclusively to students. Check 34 courses of The University of Melbourne. I don't ask, because people find it distasteful, but I am happy when people ask me (whether I did well or badly) because it gives me the opportunity to compare and have this discussion. And also if you found the exams challenging chances are most people did too and I'm pretty sure they will scale the grades to match previous years distribution. Maybe, I don't know, you could study more, instead of trying to find someone to blame in a situation where nobody is at fault? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 1. Social isolation is the best approach to preventing infection from spreading. Press J to jump to the feed. #20176 Hello, everyone! But wasn’t too bad" and that you "think that exam was fair.". More often than not students who top classes are extremely driven to the point of obsession with keeping/pushing a wam well above a H1, it only takes one poorly written question or brushed over concept to ruin part of that. I'm also doing AHIS10001 and from the score I receive, they don't tend to fail you if you submit your essay. Many students are encouraged to be picking breadth subjects which they… firstly lecturers have to learn how to teach. Posted by 8 months ago. Good tutors. I'm posting here as I don't have many friends outside of the biomed circle and also, it's awkward discussing grades with people irl. It wasn't like a switch which just needed to be flipped and suddenly everything goes online, it took a lot of planning on the go. It was a little rough when we transitioned to online but a couple weeks in an he was really a pleasure to watch. I'm hoping to do the MD at Unimelb, so … Press J to jump to the feed. Good tutors. Also you're being a bit contradictory considering you made a post saying that you thought the ECON20002 exam "wasn’t overtly easy. If university loses funding it's bad for all of us. Also for anyone saying the "top" students won't cheat... You might be right in some cases but there is just as much of an incentive for these students to collude if not more. Michael NT Souter. with the other biomed/sci students. I often wonder about this. You sick fucks. Full information on Unimelb. You can enrol in up to 25 points in both the Summer and Winter terms without overloading. Such losses, when combined with the perverse incentives set up by the Government's recent changes to HECS, are likely to mean even fewer resources available for teaching, resulting in poorer educational experiences across the board. I landed a big 4 job with 69.. They still have to maintain expectations from the higher ups while also looking for ways to cut down on costs. 5,800 UniMelb subjects; 3,677 UniMelb subject ratings; The latest activity on StudentVIP Subjects at Uni. They have to deal with hundreds of students by themselves, a good number of them asking the same questions that have been answered over and over again, and still find time to pursue their own research. UniMelb Love Letters Society. They have sold out your education and mine, largely by increasing the international course spots too quickly in areas such as engineering and commerce to fund their obsession with expensive buildings. Subject Code/Name: FREN20019/FREN30001 French 7 Year & Semester of completion: FREN20019 Semester 1 2018 (only offered in semester 1) Workload: Weekly 2*1.5-hour tutorials Lectopia Enabled: N/A Past exams available: N/A Textbook Recommendation: Prior the 2018 cohort the text used to be Les Misérables, but for our cohort it was changed to Salut et Liberté by Fred Vargas. 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